Meet Margo!


  • 24-year Berkeley resident
  • Proven visionary, sustainable infrastructure leader
  • Skills from welder to civil engineer
  • Emergency and long-term planning experience
  • Committed to our community and passionate about our future

Our homes and our ability to live here are tied together by our streets, sidewalks and transportation infrastructure. Sanitation, utilities, communication infrastructure and how we use our land make it possible for us to live together in our dense urban environment. Berkeley is faced with no shortage of challenges including homelessness, climate change, resilience planning, transportation gridlock, pollution, lack of resources, affordability gaps, housing shortages, health risks. Our ability to house our people has failed, and the infrastructure that sustains us all is also failing. We must build and rebuild for a radically changing climate as we provide more housing for a population increasingly less able to pay housing’s high costs. Both homelessness and infrastructure are national crises, but when Washington and Sacramento fail us, we must act locally. 

Much local, state, and national attention is properly focused on solving the difficult issues of housing and homelessness, as is mine. I will bring UNIQUE talent and experience to the Berkeley City Council.

  • I know the aging infrastructure from the ground up and understand solutions for these issues that can be applied locally.
  • I spent my career dedicated to maintaining and rebuilding transportation, water, and sewer infrastructure.
  • A Pipeline supervisor for EBMUD, I reformed internal procedures to replace aging pipes in much longer segments, getting more miles done per dollar and building a track record of leading significant infrastructure projects in a cost effective manner
  • I served as a Commissioner for 15 years on the West Berkeley Project Area Commission addressing housing and development in the Redevelopment Area of West Berkeley and Streets and Open Space Improvement Commission. 
  • For nearly the last decade I have served on the Public Works Commission where we have successfully advocated for Green Infrastructure to address both street restoration and storm water management and advance infrastructure funding through local bond Measures M and T-1 and led public the hearings to provide resident input on project priorities.
  • I am experienced in guiding the public processes involving many stakeholders and distilling often contradictory input.

In addition to addressing homelessness and rebuilding infrastructure, I am committed to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curricula and robust trades education for all our students. Over the last 25 years, I have helped recruit, train and encourage underrepresented workers to enter good jobs in construction and engineering. In 1977 I was among the first women hired as welders in the SF shipyards following the successful lawsuit by WWII Rosies to force the companies to hire women. In 1985, following my graduation as a civil engineer from San Francisco State University, I was the first woman engineer hired at the Golden Gate Bridge. As our daughters grew up in Berkeley, I served on the Boards of BAHIA (Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement), the Jefferson School PTA, Berkeley High PTA and Parents of Berkeley High Crew Team.

Ready and able to critically consider the full range of issues, I pledge to participate actively in subcommittees and study every council packet prior to the meeting. I pledge to try to keep council meetings focused and efficient. I promise to vote on the issues and proposals at hand, working to refine proposals that are right in spirit but wrong in the details. I will always keep budget in mind, and to work to keep goals and staff directives realistic.  I will insist the Council and pubic receive frank analysis of projects in progress, and ensure proper metrics ensure the City gets what it pays for.

Putting my experience to work serving Berkeley is my ambition.