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Great leadership and a compassionate activist!
I am very impressed with Margo’s ability to think through the problems that face our city with due attention to the complex interconnections of local, regional, and statewide realities. I also appreciate her commitment to building solutions from the ground up and to serving the needs of all Berkeleyans. 
~Carol Lashof
Margo is exactly what I want in an elected representative: someone I can trust to research each issue, talk to all affected parties, and work through a sensible decision on our behalf. Real life is full of nuance and small details that make a big difference. When I don’t have time to do all the research, I want to know there is a good brain representing us who is doing just that. 
~Marisa Turner



Margo Schueler is the real deal. She is a strong woman who spent her career doing real nuts and bolts maintenance work, and she is dedicated to improving the infrastructure of Berkeley. Please vote for her for District 1-she is endorsed buy current Councilmember Maio, and due to her background in infrastructure maintenance and adaptation to global climate change, she is the candidate who can best represent West Berkeley. Let’s maintain the continuity of Linda’s important leadership.

~John Hitchen

Endorsed by Members of our community

Former Senator Loni Hancock

Councilmember Linda Maio

BUSD Board Member Beatriz Leyva Cutler

Rev. Mary C. Breeland, Associate Minister Liberty Hill M.B.Church

Jovanka Beckles*, Richmond City Council, AD15 Candidate

Helen Burke*, Former EBMUD Director

Bryce Nesbitt, Co-Founder NextBus Transit Information, Director City Car Share, Engineer

Claudia Polsky, Director, Environmental Law Clinic, UC Berkeley Law

Jeanne Friedman, Peralta Street Neighbor

Lauren G. Parsons, Cedar Street Neighbor

Eduardo Pineda, Public Artist and Educator, Hopkins Street Neighbor

John Hitchen, East Bay Regional Parks Supervisor, Retired

Larry Henry, Berkeley Public Works Commissioner

Kristina Hill, Professor of Environmental Planning UCB

Jack Kurzweil, Prof. Emeritus Electrical Engineering

Michael H. Goldhaber, Chair, Community Environmental Advisory Commission

Sibella Kraus, Josephine Street Neighbor

Alan Louwerse, Retired Engineer, Francisco Street Neighbor

Kirk McCarthy, President Arts and Crafts Cooperative, Inc., Hearst Ave. Neighbor

Miranda Maupin, Environmental Planner

Christopher Polk, Owner Christopher Polk Design/Build

Rob Browning, Talavera Ceramics and Tile, Berkeley Way Neighbor

Lis Varnhagen, Community Environmental Advisory Commission

Steve Greenburg, Mechanical Engineer

Susie Wallenstein, Retired Engineer and Architect, Hopkins Street Neighbor

Nancy Holland, Former Public Works Commissioner

Diane Davenport, Retired Berkeley Public Library, Virginia Street Neighbor

Richard Harris, Civil Engineer

James P. MacGrath, Commissioner

Nancy L. Yep

Will you endorse?

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  • Paul Cox
    endorsed 2018-09-27 08:40:34 -0700
  • Nancy Nadel
    endorsed 2018-09-22 21:32:09 -0700
    Margo offers extraordinary expertise to public service from her lesser known artistic ability to her history in organized labor, a woman in non-traditional work welding on ships, to becoming an engineer with East Bay Municipal Utility District, to serving as a volunteer on Berkeley’s Public Work commission, to being a loving wife and mother of TWINS – an amazing woman. Residents of her district are so fortunate to be able to choose her first on the ballot. It’s not often one has an honest, skilled, knowledgeable, woman, public servant to vote for.