Margo is participating in the Berkeley Fair Elections Program, which provides public matching funds to candidates who abide by specific fundraising restrictions. We can accept a maximum donation of $50 per person. Donations from Berkeley residents are matched by the City at a rate of $6 for every $1 raised. This means that a $50 donation will be matched by $300, having a total impact of $350! 

FOR BERKELEY DONORS - The new campaign finance reform rules require that the campaign have a copy of your signature on the form that you can download here

Once filled out and signed, you can mail it to the campaign at Margo for City Council, 890 Camelia, Berkeley, CA 94710 -- OR -- scan it or take a photo on your phone and email to

For the actual donation, you can mail the campaign a check or donate with a credit or debit card online below; however, if you donate online the campaign still needs the form

We must have a copy of your signed form. Thank you for your support!